Monday, July 19, 2010

My Farmgirl Quilt

To all of my farmgirl friends. Here is the quilt my step mom made me for my birthday in May. It is made with Mary Jane's farmgirl fabric. This was such a surprise to me. I was shaking when I opened it.
Bonnie (my step mom) is such a wonderful lady. she made this for me even though she has arthritis in her thumb that has been bothering her lately. I am so blessed:)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Crazy Day!! Full Moon?

Craziness happened from the moment I stepped out of bed. Things here on the farm can get pretty crazy, but that usually has something to do with broken down equipment, or the weather, or the cows. Not today.
Today started with the cat..smudge. Smudge is Zane's (my son) cat. He is a good cat for the most part, but he has a real problem with getting in your face. This morning it was my face he sat on to wake me up! So I get up, head downstairs to start breakfast for my husband who would be coming in from the barn within the half hour. I get out our fresh eggs and start to take one out, and what happens? yep it broke right in my hand! So after washing up I got breakfast under way.
I then poked my head out of the door to let my husband know it was ready. And low and behold, out INSIDE cat, darts OUTSIDE! GREAT! So he takes off chasing after a barn. Zane gets wind of what is happening and that sets him off. So now I am trying to capture the cat and deal with a crying 6yo. Ok we get the cat back safely and calm the boy down.
Lunch goes off without a hitch, but then comes my trip to town. I went to pick up some sweet corn and put gas in the car. No problems there, all the chaos starts on my way home.
As I am trying to make my home, and enjoying the beautiful weather, I crest the hill and low and behold, a car goes to make a turn, and completely neglects the car coming in the other direction. Yep an accident!! Great. I am right at my aunt's driveway so I pull in there, which is gonna make me late for milking time...but after the day I have had, that is okay with me.
I make it home and fix supper. Well I tried the sweet corn on the per directions from my aunt. didn't cook. So now I have the whole supper finished except what everyone is waiting for...sweet corn! So after starting all over with that, we finishe up our meal.
Now off to pick some raspberries, blackberries and Mulberries. Zane and I go to tree line and start looking for the ripe ones. I find some and head over to them....and low and behold, a SNAKE in the bush. Ok, done! We don't need those anyway!
So as I am geting ready to climb into bed, I have to peek outside to see if there is a full moon. However, we go to bed too early, it isn't even dark out yet:(

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Welcome to my blog!

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog. My husband and I have a dairy farm in the heart of Carroll County, MD. We have lots of ladies and all of them are wonderful. Actually, this is the first time in my life that Girls have out numbered boys in my home. I hope you will enjoy this blog as I go through the life here on the farm.