Thursday, September 22, 2011

Who is taking care of us?

This morning, my FIL was trampled by out breeding bull here on the farm.FIL is going to be okay, he has 3 cracked ribs and a large bruise on his leg, but he will recover with time and rest. The bull however will recover in our freezer.
We had to call an ambulance for my FIL. Must to his dismay, he had to be taken out on a stretcher. When the medic arrived, he came to the door and was greeted by MIL. He asked her what happened, and she said, " my husband was trampled by a bull." the medic stopped dead in his tracks and said," is the bull in the house?" REALLY. WOW!! He is suppose to take of someone that could be in grave danger? Luckily, my father was working at the firehouse today so, he provided common sense direction.
I proceeded to call my dad and told him to make the local ambulance crew aware, that around these parts, we have barns for our animals. We don't let any of the cows in the house, no not even the bull.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rock you like a hurricane...or not

So the aftermath of hurricane Irene....not really. We never lost power, it blinked three times, but never out long eneough to even reset the clocks. We did lose a small piece of the barn biggie. However the worst part of the whole storm was Zane! He wouldn't go to sleep! When mr. Sandman finally came, it was very restful. The first time the power blinked, zane jumped out of bed, turned on his flashlight...but not just any was a flashlight that firefighters use in dark, smokey buildings. So it was VERY bright, and he decided to shine it directly in my eyes to wake me up. That was probably the worst of the storm.
I have, however heard many people do not have power. Guess we really lucked out with this one!