Thursday, February 2, 2012

My newest journey

Hi everyone! Please come follow me on my newest journey. I have joined a wonderful team aa an Independent consultant at Thirty One Gifts. I am very excited to see where this will take me. I decided to travel this path after realizing I was in a huge rut!! I have been here on the farm all day everyday and quite frankly, I need new scenery!
I fell in love with these products after purchasing a thermal lunch bag for my son, through a fundraiser. After it using it for a week,I realized how much cooler it kept my sons lunch. So I purchased a few other things and attended a party, thatw as it, I was hooked!
We have many great products and organizing bags, totesand baskets. Many of our products can be personalized. If you are interested in hosting a party or browsing a catalog either contact me directly through email or feel free to call me at the number below. You can also browse and shop from my website.

A nrw catalog has just been made available Feb. 1st! Be one of the first to glance at these wonderful products!

My contacts


Phone- 443-536-3480

Thanks, Angie